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Over the 2 years since my last piece I've been working on a new piece off and on, publishing it here soon. With it I have a pretty good progression animation from start to finish, much like the one I did for Bellus (…) but with more steps/smoother progression. I have another piece in the works that I hope to have finished by September this year. I've been drawing a lot more lately, it's really nice, planning on getting a couple of the new ones into my scraps section.
been harder and harder to focus on my artwork over the past couple years, not like i come out with pieces all that often anyway though.

i have one piece near completion and hoping im happy with it by may. i have a couple ideas floating in my head that i want to start on as well...just need to find the drive.

my dream of having a job were i sit in photoshop and create all day is a hindrance to my personal work, the last thing i really want to do after being in photoshop 8 hours a day at work is being in photoshop additional hours after work and on the weekends...been like this the past 4+ years...

bums me out, but this is also making me focus attention on getting into gallery's, shows, fairs and getting my work out into the real world, now i just need a manager :P

anyway just ranting, check out my card fore creative cards in the meantime, very unusual for me to complete something in ~2 weeks

Two of Diamonds…

would have liked to take more time on it but deadlines deadlines deadlines.

can also "like" my barbarian drawing on the diablo 3 reveal site…

i have it in my scraps here to view larger…
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if not you should be...upvote my drawing!…
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lil facelift to my site also has detail shots of each piece now
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i have a limited number of signed prints for sale, the 8x12's turned out great (small signed)
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my poster for the band omega code was selected for their book and exhibitions this year, they picked some great entries and im honored to be a part of the selected!

my omega code poster:…

selected entries:
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i haven't been able to work on anything lately. its frustrating. works been nuts and i can barely stand being on the computer once i get home after being on the computer all day designing my brains out as is. been in the office extra hours and weekends to finish projects.


big things this year. big things.

i be on twitter now.
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the 6 step progression behind bellus…

should probably do this more often and with more steps, i could have more to this one but they're boring. watching it makes me kinda wish i kept some things.
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depthCORE XXXV: Nior
check it out!
sneak peak slipped
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As always I'm selling anything you see here on devart in LARGER format prints than offered by daprints, prints. I know theres now fine art prints (which all my prints are available as) mine are larger and a bit pricier. Signed and numbered.

I only accept paypal, small shipping cost too. PM for pricing.

Also 4 weeks or so new pieces coming...yea i said in plural...
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somethin new soon.

i hope.
i havent done much lately cept for some drawings which only a few have seen, i have this itch in my head urging me to do an abstract piece, but it just wont come out and i usually bury myself into making some beats instead..what else is new right i only do maybe 1-3 pieces a year...if that.

ive been working my butt off, about 5 months ago i landed a job working for a multimedia/web design firm that works mainly with anyone under pepsico, so ive been working with companies such as quaker, tropicana and gatoraid, and any of their sub companies such as cap'n crunch and life cereal, etc. so everythings goin great, but per usual it drains all of my creative juices. quaker chose my cap'n crunch design so will be sportin my design by the end of january woot.

they need to leave the alien/predator series alone. seriously.
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thanks guys for all your kind words on mors petalum II and thanks to justin for the support as always

lets see if i can work anymore demons out
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ive been workin on a couple things, they might see the light of day soon

ones a 3d abstract, typical of what youve seen from me before, though im not really sure what the reaction will be with this piece. drum and bass + hr giger + theraflu = ?

another is a 2d part vector piece, this suckers huge, 16000x6000 pixels, me oh my. ive been working on this thing off and on since i think late may. not sure if ill post on here, i dont think scaling it down so small will do it any justice. but ill think about it.

went back and looked at my past journal entries, kinda a timeline for my life almost haha, some really good memories back there, some of them id die to relive again. cant believe ive been on here for near 5 years, whered the time go?

ive been a bit bored lately, so, ill go ahead and give you guys my social whore'n addy's, feel free to add me or do with what you will.…

wow i was just lookin at my website archieve on and they have some work that i dont even have on my hd anymore, alot of my work on my current webpage is even from 2002 you can see a big jump in my skill progression from these to those. you can check out these old school pieces below...i wish i had some more of my older work, im missing alot from hd crashes over the years theres a big gap from dec 2001 to sept 2002 that im missing =( really sucks, would really even like to have my work from before i had my first domain name too, dont have any of that…
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im still alive, how about you?
:dance: :boogie: We're get'n married!! :dance: :boogie:

btw i tossed some new drawings/sketches into my scraps gallery that ive done over some time now, feel free to take a peak =)
just want to thank everyone for still coming to my little gallery here, it means alot to me to know people still come, look and like my work after all this time. i know i havent done much new, i have, but it's just work ive messed around with. maybe ill have somethin for show sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

on a more personal level...ready?

severely depressed the past 6 years of my life, over that period of time i neglected alot of my friends, family and loved ones and i regretably drug april through 3 years of it. she stuck by me through it all and put up with my childishness, aggressiveness and the shell i surrounded myself with. for that i thank her and she means more then the world to me, more then she'll ever know and more than i can even express. i love her today tomorrow and forever.

i can't help but tear up so much that it becomes crying, its been happening everyday for the past month and sometimes more then twice a day. writing that last paragraph did me in.

i have been drawing alot lately, art is my crutch sometimes, it got me through the first 3 years of my depression and i was able to express my love, fears and hopes through it. now im drawing again because im in a rough time. making music again. digital art may come soon i hope.

first 3 years of my depression i was a digital art madhouse, cranking out peice after piece.

the next 3 years i drowned in addiction with computer games which ultimately tore my life apart into big horrendous pieces, i know what you are thinking, how could it have been that bad it's just some computer games. it was bad, very bad if anyone ever asks me if ive done crystal method, id say yes now because thats how bad it was. its very dissapointing to know what ive done, the people ive hurt and what ive done to myself and especially to april. it is very hard to live with myself. it's very hard to express the pain i am in. it was worse then anyone here will ever go the tears again.

i know this is the longest journal entry ive ever done. i thank you if you actually read it. i could go into even more detail.

and i thank all my viewers, for the favorites, comments and support. it's always brought light to my darkness.


ps. april i love you
ball point pen

blur has purpose

size of photo has purpose
hey guys i have been extremely busy, or rather busy with my internship, id design all day come home and designing would be the last thing on my mind (designing for other people can do that to you) but with that said and done, i am no longer in my internship.

you just now might see a little more work from me, since my internship i have drawn ALOT but have not completed any digital work, im thinking about keeping 2 devart accounts, 1 for digital/abstract work 1 for drawings/etc

thanks for everyone still stoping by even though it seemed like i wasnt here, i was =) just wasnt posting